“Thanks to Bepanthen, little Lucy's delicate bum's as soft and cuddly as mine.”

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Bepanthen ebook:
What the parenting manuals don’t tell you

New parenthood can turn your life upside down, taking you through some tough as well as wonderful moments. Bepanthen’s new e-book, What the Parenting Manuals Don’t Tell You, provides genuine tips for new or expectant parents from mums and dads who have experienced it all.

Developed in collaboration with maternity nurse and mum of three, Lisa Clegg, the e-book features tips crowd-sourced from real parents via social media. From tussling with sleepless nights, struggling with how to release your baby’s trapped wind, or blaming your partner for everything, What the Parenting Manuals Don’t Tell You is here to help.


So gentle...

Bepanthen can even be used on the highly sensitive skin of premature babies, as it contains no fragrance, preservatives, colours or antiseptics.