Bepanthen Baby Moisturiser

Bepanthen Baby Moisturiser

There’s nothing quite like the softness of a baby’s skin, and we know that you’ll want to protect that softness for as long as possible. A new born baby’s skin is naturally more sensitive than an adult's, and it’s a little thinner too, so to keep it well protected it’s important to shield it from harsh chemicals or anything that might irritate or damage it.

To protect their delicate skin, choose skin care products specially designed for babies. Any products that you use should be very mild and pH neutral, such as Bepanthen Baby Moisturiser, which is specially formulated to be gentle  - and can even be used on babies with extra sensitive skin.


After bath time

However tempting it might be, don’t overdo the bath times with your baby - bathing babies too often can dry out their skin and leave them feeling uncomfortable, as can bathing for too long.  Babies don’t need to be bathed every day; just two to three times a week for up to five minutes is fine. When you’re bathing your little one, steer clear of harsh cleansers, even if they smell lovely, because unless they are specifically designed for a baby’s skin, they could strip it of natural oils, causing it to dry out. As a rule, don’t use any bath or cleansing products which lather or foam up on your baby.

New born babies’ skin can be naturally prone to dryness, so when you bathe them, make sure that their skin is well moisturised afterwards, with a gentle moisturiser like Bepanthen Baby Moisturiser. It contains deeply moisturising pro vitamin B5, which helps the skin’s natural recovery process, and is so gentle that it can be used from birth.

Sensitive skin and eczema

If your baby has very sensitive skin or eczema, you’ll want to use products that don’t make things worse. Keep sensitive skin well hydrated by only bathing for up to five minutes, and then applying a lotion or moisturiser like Bepanthen Baby Moisturiser which is free from alcohol, colours, fragrances, parabens and other preservatives, lanolin or paraffin, straight afterwards.

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